Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Chess Puzzles, White To Move And Win !

The four chess puzzles are taken from the excellent web site
Chess Puzzles by Grandmasters which contain actual positions from
over the board games played by Grandmastes.

Bacrot vs Pascal Stefanski, Belfort, 1992

Bacrot vs Lothar Vogt, Arosa, 1996

Fischer vs J Bennett, San Francisco, 1957

Fischer vs Luis Sanchez, Santiago, 1959


  1. 1st diag: Rxe4 as Rook cannot be retaken else the Black Queen is lost.
    2nd diag: I was thinking of Rf7 and trying to make it work until I finally saw Rg6 after a good 7 minutes or so. This was very hard to see, R+B for Q trade should be winning with the passed pawn and Black's king out in the open. Note that hxg6 invites Bd4+
    3rd diag: Rd8+ (winning a piece)
    4th diag: Bd2 winning a piece as Nc6 does not work (overloaded square e7)

    Thank you for the puzzles!

  2. Ooops.
    2nd diag: typo: I meant "Note that hxg6 invites Bc4+".

  3. tanc (happyhippo) said...
    3rd diag: Rd8+ (winning a piece)

    --> Isn't that "piece" the queen?

    Black's queen can't capture the rook on d8 as White will play QxB+ forcing mate on the next move. So Black's only way out of check is to play ...Kg7. Then White takes the queen and I don't see any way for Black to get back any more material after that. (If Black plays 2...RxB3, then white plays 3.Rxc3.) So White remains a queen up.

    Or at least that's how it looks to me?

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Hank,

    Yes that piece being won indeed is a queen. :)