Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defense

Here are two You Tube chess videos on the Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defense.

The first chess video is about the opening itself. And the second chess video concerns some traps in the Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defense opening.

The Berlin Defense is reached if Black plays Nf6 on his third move. It gained a great deal of popularity after Vladimir Kramnik used it in his victory over Garry Kasparov in their match for the World Championship. Known for being very solid, the Berlin Defense is often used as a weapon for drawing as Black by strong players who are familiar with the key lines.

At the bottom of the second you tube video are two unannotated Chess Flash games featuring Kasparov and Leko playing the variation of the Ruy Lopez.

Finally at the end of this blog post are several recent year 2009 games showcasing the Berlin Defense ECO C67......diamondback



Year 2009 ECO C67 games

Hao vs Friedel C65 Year 2009