Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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This Chess Book web page was pointed out to me Atomic Patzer several months ago. At this web page, one can download to your computer many orignial chess books to your computer with several price ranges or have the hard copy delivered to your doorstep.

One can even upload their original book manuscript to for electronic publishing on their site. Then your book is available for all to purchase if they like your style of writting. Your books can be either sold as an electronic version for download or a hard copy shipped to your readers.

Listed below is a basic explanation taken from the Lulu web page on how this Self Publshing web page works.

Lulu eliminates traditional entry barriers to publishing, and enables content creators and owners – authors and educators, videographers and musicians, businesses and nonprofits, professionals and amateurs – to bring their work directly to their audience. First, they use Lulu’s tools to format their digital content. Then they take advantage of Lulu’s dedicated marketplace, custom storefronts and advanced listing and distribution services to make their books, videos, CDs, DVDs, calendars, reports and more available to as many, or as few, people around the world as they like, earning 80% of all creator revenue, of which millions of dollars has already Here is a link to some of the chess books availabel on Lulu.

Browse Chess Books on Lulu

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 - Chess News - 'Chess Bitch' – an eye-opener by Jennifer Shahade

The Chess Games of Jennifer Shahade - Chess News - 'Chess Bitch' – an eye-opener by Jennifer Shahade

A Conversation with Jennifer Shahade,
Author of Chess Bitch: Women in the
Ultimate Intellectual Sport
by Howard Goldowsky
at in "Skittles Room"

October 2005 Skittles Room Archive interview by Howard Goldowsky
under title "Conversation with Jennifer Shahade" n.b. all titles
in archives listed alphabetically....Diamondback

Two-time U.S. women’s chess champion, Jennifer Shahade, the author of
the new book, Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport (Siles
Press, 2005), believes that neither men nor women come into this world with
any innate chess-playing advantage. According to her book, only 3% of
adult tournament chess players in the United States and only 6% of FIDE
rated players are female. She thinks that people too often confuse this low
rate of female participation in chess with proof of low levels of performance.
Shahade argues, instead, that ostensible biological obstacles, such as
menstruation or tendencies to lack killer instinct, turn out to be self-fulfilling

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chess GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is the Top World Chess Promoter

Alexandra Kosteniuk Women World Chess Championship

Chess Games of Alexandra Kosteniuk

Chess GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is the Top World Chess Promoter

Sasha, Queen of Chess

(born Apr-23-1984) Russia 
Women's World Champion

Alexandra Kosteniuk was born on April 23rd, 1984, in Perm, Russia. She was taught the game at the age of five by her father, Konstantin Vladimirovich Kosteniuk. Her younger sister, Oxana Kosteniuk is a WFM
A WGM since age 14, an IM at 16, and a GM at 20, Kosteniuk has featured prominently in various regional and world age title competitions, including winning the Girls U10 European Championship in Herculane in 1994, the Girls Under 12 European Championship in Rimavaska Sobota in 1996, and the Girls Under 12 World Championship in Minorca in 1996. In 2001, at the age of 17, she was runner up to Zhu Chen for the Women’s World Championship.

In September 2008, she scaled the summit of women’s chess when she became the 14th Women's World Chess Champion after winning the final of the Women's World Championship (2008) against Yifan Hou by 2.5 - 1.5.
In 2000 and 2004, Kosteniuk was second in the Russian Women’s Championships but went one better in 2005 when she won that Championship with a score of 9/11 and a 2691 performance rating. Other prominent tournament successes include winning the First European Women’s Championship that was held in Dresden in 2004, and equal second behind Koneru Humpy in the 2005 North Urals Cup.

Kosteniuk became the inaugural Chess960 Women’s World Champion in 2006, and successfully defended her title in 2008 against Kateryna Lahno.

Based on FIDE’s October 2008 ratings list, Kosteniuk is ranked number 592 in the world (, eighth amongst women, and is the top rated Russian woman. Under the US rating system, she is the second ranked female player in the USA after Zsuzsa Polgar.

She has also captured the public's eye by appearing in a Russian film, doing many product promotions, fashion modeling, and appearing in fashion - Chess News - Searching for the best woman chess player - Chess News - Searching for the best woman chess player

Who Said Chess Is'nt Sexy ? I Like To Know !

Bishop Pair Over Loaded at Hamilton Chess Quads on November 15, 2008

Hamilton Chess Club Quad Directions

Saturday's Hamitlon Chess Quads on November 15, 2008 at Ray Dwier Rec Center was standing room only. TD Ed do a fantastic job with crowd control with a total of 42 paticipants. There were Nine Quads and One Swiss. There was a dispute in Quad 6 by one of the players that spilled over in the kitchen of Rec Center but TD Ed put out the fire quickly.

Ed provided enough tables , chairs and boards for all players. There is one more room that is under lock and key that is not used for Chess Quads but maybe Ed S. should ask for the key for that spare room because the Year End Chess Quad on December 2008 (I will Post the date later ) usually draws close to Fifty players.

Enough said about Hamilton Chess, a chess venue for the amateur chess player, now about my game with Scott A my Bishop pair was not enough to hold a draw over my opponent Scott A. who played White. With white's two rooks and extra pawns this was just a matter of trading down.But Scott's excellent play against me was not enough to win our Quad section. That honor goes to Sal Geraci, who scored a win against all three of his opponents.

In the first chess playing diagram is the postion before I used a sham piece exchange with one of the bishop pair which was more of a desparado tactic that my opponent did not fall into.

The second chess playing diagram shows how Chess Master 10th Edition usings White's two rooks to trade down Blacks' bihsop pair for a won endgame postion.

Finally the last game posted below is a dead drawn postion, which I offer my opponent a draw in the second time control but he said it was too eary in the game, this is after we have played about 75 moves. After playing for five hours I blundered away the postional draw. I knew instinctedly that my white pawn on H5 and my bishop would hold black's h, g, and f pawns at bay especially if black moved the g pawn I would take en passant. So I am posting this endgame that was analysed by Chess Master 10th Edition which confirmed my analysis for a draw.




Viswanathan Anand retains world title | ChessVibes#more-3701#more-3701

Viswanathan Anand retains world title | ChessVibes#more-3701#more-3701