Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bishop Pair Over Loaded at Hamilton Chess Quads on November 15, 2008

Hamilton Chess Club Quad Directions

Saturday's Hamitlon Chess Quads on November 15, 2008 at Ray Dwier Rec Center was standing room only. TD Ed do a fantastic job with crowd control with a total of 42 paticipants. There were Nine Quads and One Swiss. There was a dispute in Quad 6 by one of the players that spilled over in the kitchen of Rec Center but TD Ed put out the fire quickly.

Ed provided enough tables , chairs and boards for all players. There is one more room that is under lock and key that is not used for Chess Quads but maybe Ed S. should ask for the key for that spare room because the Year End Chess Quad on December 2008 (I will Post the date later ) usually draws close to Fifty players.

Enough said about Hamilton Chess, a chess venue for the amateur chess player, now about my game with Scott A my Bishop pair was not enough to hold a draw over my opponent Scott A. who played White. With white's two rooks and extra pawns this was just a matter of trading down.But Scott's excellent play against me was not enough to win our Quad section. That honor goes to Sal Geraci, who scored a win against all three of his opponents.

In the first chess playing diagram is the postion before I used a sham piece exchange with one of the bishop pair which was more of a desparado tactic that my opponent did not fall into.

The second chess playing diagram shows how Chess Master 10th Edition usings White's two rooks to trade down Blacks' bihsop pair for a won endgame postion.

Finally the last game posted below is a dead drawn postion, which I offer my opponent a draw in the second time control but he said it was too eary in the game, this is after we have played about 75 moves. After playing for five hours I blundered away the postional draw. I knew instinctedly that my white pawn on H5 and my bishop would hold black's h, g, and f pawns at bay especially if black moved the g pawn I would take en passant. So I am posting this endgame that was analysed by Chess Master 10th Edition which confirmed my analysis for a draw.




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