Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Queen and Pawns vs. Rook and Knight

Here is a very recent ICC standard game that I played. The time control was fifteen minutes with a three second increment for each month made. Obviously Black is much better in the endgame. My opponent resigned realizing that White has too many pawns and a Queen vs. his lone rook and knight. But if I was White playing down in the endgame, I would have played on to the biter end. Only because Black can make a mistake and perhaps lose his Queen somehow. The first chessboard game is from the actual game. The second chessboad is Endgame analysis using an online endgame database Nalimov Endgame Tables. using a maximum of six pieces which are for Black: King, Queen and A pawn and for White: King , Knight and Rook. Nalimov Endgame Tables.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dutch Defense Falters

George is of Holland descent and has the Dutch fighting spirit in his blood. But unfortunately in this game played the year 2008 in Hamilton Quads against NJ upstart Kimberly Ding , who is now rated in this year 2013 around 1978 with a floor rating of 1800, young Kimberly was on a King Hunt that day in July 2008. I did play Kimberly just about the time she was just starting out in chess and I was sitting on my hands the whole game but managed to win that game.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blitz Chess Is Fun

Here is a very recent blitz chess game on ICC, that I played. Please be advised this is a very ugly game played by my opponent, in fact he fell asleep at the switch. I rarely learn anything from my blitz games that I play OTB, but sometimes on ICC, I go over my blitz games even the games that I win to learn from all my mistakes. Enjoy this short game that my opponent led me step by step to victory !......diamondback .... NB I do not take Blitz chess as serious chess at all, in fact Blitz chess is not real chess, but one can learn quick tactics and time control from Blitz chess.

Old Indian Defense Games