Monday, November 30, 2009

GM Elect Alex Lenderman declared 2009 National Chess Congress Champion

Pictured are the winners, ( left to right) GM Elect Alex Lenderman, IM Irina Krush, IM Bryan Smith and GM Alex Stripunsky (inset).

GM Elect Alex Lenderman was declared the National Chess Congress 2009 Champion by virtue of the best tie-breaks among the winners

2009 National Chess Congress Premier Standings

Chess Playing diagrams courtesy of MonRoi

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Jersey Knockouts reach Final Four By Way Of Baltimore

New Jersey Knockouts Beats Baltimore Kingfish to qualify for the final four.

The New Jersey Knockouts having draw odds left little hope for the Baltimore Kingfish to enter the final four. But Baltimore played to win in every game but lost in the match in the end.

Here is a Board One game link below, from that USCL match courtesy The Kenilworthian chess java chess game archive.

New Jersey Beats Baltimore Kingfish annotated by Michael Goeller Chess Blogmaster supreme.

PGN game file courtesy of The Kenilworthian.

Game Format: ChessFlash courtesy of Glenn Wilson


Saturday, November 14, 2009

All The King's Men Chess Lecture November 23, 2009

Philadelphia chess icon and International Master Bryan Smith will be appearing at All the King's Men
(3) hours on Monday, November 23rd from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Bryan will lecture for one hour on "What to do after the opening". Basically, it will be about planning and finding
your way through the middle game after you have developed your pieces/played some book moves and are
now on your own.

During the second and third hours Bryan will play a remote chess match against ATKM's Chess Club Ladder
Leader and 'A' Class Player Anthony Norris. The match will be played from separate rooms, Bryan in the front
room with the lecture attendees and Tony in the back room. A runner will courier moves from front to back
while Bryan analyzes the game, out loud, move by move. This unique arrangement will give those in
attendance a rare chance to peer inside the mind of one of the nation's top fifty chess players during the
course of a live game.

Those planning to attend who register online, or at the shop, by November 21st will be eligible to win one of
three hardcover chess notation books (a $9.00 value).

Since we will be digitally recording the event, any attendee who brings a blank DVD or 2G thumb drive will
receive a FREE copy of the event which you can view again and again on your home computer.
All the King's Men Chess Club Logo
62 S. Broadway Pitman, NJ 08071 856-582-8222
Directions by Google Maps

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 9 US Chess League

Below are some links that cap off the final week of play in the United States Chess League.

The first link is from the USCF web page titled Week 9 US Chess League Recap.

The second link is from "The Kennilworthian" USCL Regular Season Ends Wednesday.

I'm not just kissing ass here, I sincerely believe The Kenilworthian chess blog one of the premier chess blogs out there. I take my hat off to Mike Goeller, chess blogger elite.

Finally , an excellent link at the chess blog page " The New Jersey Knockouts " titled Knockouts Forced Queens Abdication penned by Joesph Criscuolo.

Here is an excerpt from that blog post by Joesph Criscuolo:

The Knockouts will have a change of scenery for this match as they will be playing at the Dean of Chess Academy in Branchburg, New Jersey which is owned by the Knockouts' own Dean Ippolito. The Knockouts' regular site, Chapel Hill Academy, is closed this week. Because of the location change, the match begins at 8:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday November. The time control has changed as well, with the game being in 75 minutes with 30 second increments. For the season finale Joel Benjamin, Mackenzie Molner, Andrew Ng, and Arthur Shen face off against Alex Stipunsky, Lev Milman, Elizabeth Vicary, and Fritz Gaspard