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Knight Moves at Hamilton Quads October 18, 2008

Here is a game , I just played at Hamilton Chess Club Quads on October 18, 2008 in round three with Robert C. current USCF rating for him is 1397 and climbing. I have played him three times before and only won once.

In this game, instead of looking for resources and counter play after a he moved his bishop setting up a fork between my Knight and Queen, I panic like a deer staring into headlights of an onmoving car.

Lesson learn today , look for counter play and resources even when under tacital attack. I used Fritz 8 that was given to me by Atomic Patzer to analyse some possible counterplay ,which is in this Chess Flash playing diagram.

I am not stating that Black can win or even draw this game , but there was definitely counterplay as shown by Fritz 8. Diamondback

Just click on the move variations after the chess board is opened, and the move variations will highlight in red, continue to click on the variations to play the analysis.

Also posted below are two more quad games that were played by Jim L. and Dion C. against Scott A. in Quad rated at 1400 USCF.

Game comments are by Scott A. who played both opponents.



Standings - US Chess League

Standings - US Chess League

With just four weeks left in the regular season of the USCF, two teams have clear first place within their divsions. Those teams are the New York Queens Pioneers in the East and the San Francisco Mechanic in the West. update by Diamondback.

Queens Pioneers Team Roster USCF Eastern Division First Place

San Francisco Team Roster USCF Western Division First Place

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World Chess Championship: Anand wins third game with Black | ChessVibes

Courtesy ChessVibes chess blog

World Chess Championship: Anand wins third game with Black | ChessVibes


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Shredder Computer Chess Download - Chess Puzzle of the Day

Shredder Computer Chess Download - Chess Puzzle of the Day

Click on Chess Puzzle of the Day to solve Shredder's Daily Chess puzzle.

Or solve the GameKnot chess puzzle below my clicking on the highlighted center bar
that says "White to Move " or "Black to Move"..... Diamondback

Play chess online!

Courtesy Of Susan Polgar's Chess Blog (Woman's World Chess Champion) Black to play and win
Houidini Escape posted by Susan Polgar
(Former Woman's Chess Champion)

Black's to move and win by Susan Polgar

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MSA Chess Statistics Program Introduction

Here is Re Post from Castling Queenside blog about MSA, the chess utility progrm orignally posted by her on September 10, 2007.

In all the games of Amateur Chess Players I post in my blog, I mention the MSA program, which extracts chess statistics from your chess history on web.

In her post September 10, 2007, Polly gives a more detail explanation on exactly what MSA can do and how she uses it.

A key point in her blog about MSA is that one can run this program using anyone's USCF ID Number to extract their chess tourament history to include wins/losses best upset, hightest rating , etc.

Castling Queen Side: Fun With Ratings History

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Humphrey Bogart Amateur Chess Player

On the June/July 1945 edition of Chess Review image posted to the left, on the cover.
Under caption "Movie Stars sponsor Pan American Congress" on Chess Reviews it reads
as follows: Lauren Bacall gives chessmaster Herman Steiner "the look" while Charles Boyer (left) and Humphrey Bogart (both keen chessplayers) finished a game between takes on "The Confidential Agent" which Charles Boyer stars in . The scene is in Boyer's dressing room at Warner Brothes Studio. These and other movie stars will take an acitve part in promoting and sponsoring the forthcoming Pan American Chess Congress at Los Angeles.(see chess briefs)......... Circa June 1945.....Diamondback

Chess games of Bogart


You will see that one of the games returned was played in 1951.(Bogart, Humphrey - Bacall, Lauren, 1-0, 1951). We all know Humphrey Bogart for his legendary portrayal of Rick Blaine, a world-weary ex-freedom fighter who runs a nightclub in Casablanca during the height of World War II in the movie Casablanca, 1942. It became one of the most beloved films in the Hollywood canon, garnering Bogart his first Academy Award nomination as well as an Oscar win in the "Best Picture" category.

It turns out that Bogart was a very accomplished chess player as well. (Bogart's rating would probably be equivalent to modern 2100.) His 1951 chess game that you located in the ChessLab's database was played against the actress who played leading roles opposite Bogart in several movies and who also became his wife.

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Josh's Dangerous Passed Pawn

As promised in my September 27, 2008 post, I am posting Joshua's game that was played in June 2008 Hamilton Chess Quads in Groveville, NJ. His opponent was Tim McKeen, who is rated above 1900 USCF.

I like this game by Josh because he ties up Black's pieces, takes good squares away from Black, and he uses force to drive home the pawn.

Joshua David H. USCF Rating 1942


Here is the same game with classic black and white chess board.


Some chess statistics of Joshua David H. from MSA, the chess statistic program that extracts wns and loss records from
US Chess Life web page.

Highest Rated Opponent Win = DRAGAN MILOVANOVIC -- 2248 HAMILTON GAME/30 CHAMPIONSHIP 01-17-2007
Highest Rated Opponent Draw = DENNIS RYLANDER -- 2346 2004 US TEAM-EAST 02-14-2004

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lasker's Famous Sacrifice

Another version of same sacrifice but from You Tube

The games posted below is between Lasker and Bauer in 1889 where Lasker sacrifices two bishops for his opponents King.

The chess game between Emanuel Lasker and Johann Bauer played in Amsterdam in 1889 is one of the most famous of all time on account of Lasker's sacrifice of both bishops to blow away the pawn cover around his opponent's king and win material.

Emanuel Lasker was the longest-reigning world champion (1894-1921)

IM Malcolm Pein (London Chess Center) tells us that this sacrifice is credited to Emmanuel Lasker. "It begins with the 'Greek Bishop' sac on h7, then the follow up queen check on h5, followed by taking on g7 with the second dark squared bishop. This totally shreds the kingside and with the queen already in attendance it usually only requires the addition of one more piece, commonly a rook to force mate."


Please take note: I have emailed a request to Waldemar Moes asking for his permission and courtesy to insert a link in my chess blog for Lasker's Sacrifice Chess Video. Waldemar Moes web page is listed below.

Also here is a link to a chess video with complete analsysis by chess trainer Waldemar Moes on Lasker's Sacrifice. Waldemar Moes is a chess trainer from the Netherlands and his web page Chessdelic Com. is where his chess video of Lasker's Sacrifice can be viewed.