Wednesday, December 31, 2008 - Chess News - Linares R9: Carlsen and Ivanchuk win, Leko down in the dumps - Chess News - Linares R9: Carlsen and Ivanchuk win, Leko down in the dumps

One of the Best of 2008 Grandmaster games played in February 2008 at Linares 2008.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Of Diamondback Chess For Year 2008

As the year 2008 is drawing to a close, I would like to post my favorite blog posts that I have written in the year 2008.

Since this blog was just recently started late in the year 2008 with the theme " Chess From The Amateur" I have compiled in this last post for the year 2008 only posts that deal with the Amateur Chess Player.

Take The Pawn , Please Posted on August 26, 2008

No Place To Hide Posted on August 29, 2008

Speed Chess With A Bang ! Posted on September 15, 2008

Frank Turns The Tables Posted on September 27, 2008

It's All About Winning ! Posted September 28 , 2008

Josh's Dangerous Passed Pawn Posted on October 11, 2008

Humphrey Bogart Amateur Chess Player Posted October 12,

Knight Moves At Hamilton Quad October 18, 2008 Posted on October 19, 2009

Bishop Pair Over Loaded at Hamilton Chess Quads Posted November 15, 2008

Four Queens at Christmas 2008
Posted December 21, 2008

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Endgame Tactician: Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop -

The Endgame Tactician: Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop -

The theme of this post is to provide info by other chess bloggers as well as myself on Bishop and Pawn endgame instruction from You Tube chess videos and from chess games of Jose Capablanca uploaded by myself that feature many different type of Bishop endgame scenarios taken from Irving Chernev's book "Capablanca Best Chess Endings"

Also on the Jose Capablanca Chess Flash games posted towards the end of this blog, I will be providing endgame analysis taken from Irving Chernev's book "Capablanca Best Chess Endgames". So the first Chess Flash game diagram will be the complete game and the second Chess Flash game next to it will contain endgame analysis for the last fifteen or so moves of that game.

The first game is courtesy of fellow blogger Endgame Tactian which he placed on with Bishhop and Pawn endgame technique.

Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop (Same Color Bishops)

Also here is a You Tube Video by GreenCastleBlock showing same colors Bishop and Pawn endgame techniques. diamondback

The games below are complete game moves from Jose Capablanca which I uploaded from that cover Bishops of same color endgame technique.

Also here is link to Capablanca's Best Games Collection compiled by Notyetagm at for the Capablanca fan.

Complete game score of JR Capablanca vs D Janowsky 1916 in New York
Bishops of Same Color


Endgame Analysis at Move 49 for white for JR Capablanca vs D. Janowski 1916 in NY.
Bishops of Same Color


Years later a draw was shown and proven by Cheron and Averback by this line
83.... Kf4 84.Bd4 Kf3 85. b5 Ke2 etc after move 83, which is when Janowsky resigned.
Complete line is this below:

83...Kf4 84.Bd4 Kf3 85.b5 Ke2 86.Kc6 Kd3 87.Bb6 Bg5 88.Kb7 Kc4 89.Ka6 Kb3 90.Bf2 Bd8 91.Be1 Ka4

Complete game below for Menchik vs Capablanca Hastings 1931
Bishops of Same Color


Endgame for Menchik vs Capablanca Hastings 1931 starting with Move 23 for White shown below:
Bishop of Same Color


Opposite Color Bishops endgames with complete game score sheets played by Jose Capablanca are listed below:


Endgame analysis for Capablanca vs Thomas at Hastings in 1929 Bishops of Opposite Colors at Move 26 for white.


Complete scoresheet for Capablanca vs Yates in 1919
Bishops of Opposite Colors


Endgame Analysis for Capablanca vs Yate 1919 at move 34 for white
Bishops of Opposite Color


Topalov Wins Super Tournament in China - Gambit Blog -

Topalov Wins Super Tournament in China - Gambit Blog -

Although Topalov is already the No. 1 player in the world, according to unofficial live rankings, the latest victory propels him well above the 2800 rating level that has only been breached by three other players: Garry Kasparov of Russia, Vladimir Kramnik of Russia and Viswanathan Anand of India, the current world champion.


Pearl Spring Tournament Web Page

Games of the Pearl Spring Tournament

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Games From Hamilton Christmas Quad 2008

Hamilton Chess Quads Directions

The first game listed is played by me which was previously posted in my blog post "Four Queens For Christmas 2008 " on December 20, 2008. (diamondback)

Much better is move 29. Nf6+ for white which totally crushes Black and completely avoids the Four Queens scenario of white queening multiple pawns..diamondback Just click on that variation and it highlights in red and play it out on the board.


The three games listed below were played by Scott A. December 20, 2008 Saturday quad. In this lower quad Scott played a youngster named Charles and also played against two veterans Sal and Dion.

Dion has played in many chess quads throughout South Jersey and Central Jersey he has told me on occassion that Hamilton Chess Quads in Groveville, New Jersey are very well organized and priced right.

I believe Sal has particpated in many Hamilton Chess Quads this year and last month finished clear first in his quad section, someday I have to ask him to cotribute to my chess blog by submitting one of his games.

Scott has just played in three or four Hamilton Quads and has finished clear first in several.




George's Diamond In The Rough

This game was played by George aka " ChessPig " on ICC during the November 2008 Hamilton Quad in Round One. His opponent playing white is John B. who is the past has turned the tables on many class A players in his past tournement play.

George certainly had the upper hand in this game by virtue of having played four hundred more rated games than his opponent. John B has only played about 67 rated games and is a sporadic tournement player. John's USCF rating is 1466 and George's USCF rating is 1562.

George had a lot of help in this game from his opponent when White on move 23. moved his Knight to d2 blocking his defense of the d3 square by white's queen. Nd2 which resulted in Black knight's occupying a hole on d3. The second positional blunder followed by White moving his rook to c2 on move 24. which resulted in blsck deflecting the rook away from the defense of his knight on c3. With doubled rooks on the C file, Black snatched up the knight on c3. From that point on White was on the defensive.

At the 2008 National Chess Congress at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,George had GM Arthur Bisguier analysed his game from opening to endgame, after which GM Bisguier commented by saying " George you pick your opponents well "


Below is listed George's USCF chess record using the MSA program that extracts one's chess tournament statistics for web page

A more detailed explanation on how to use the MSA Chess Statistics Program can be found here at the MSA Download Webpage
and on my previous post dated October 14, 2008 which redirects to a more complete use of MSA by fellow blogger Castling Queenside "MSA Chess Statistics Intro"

Listed below is George's Chess Statistics dating from 1991 to 2008

This is data from 01-01-1991 to 11-25-2008

Current Official rating is 1512 Current UnOfficial rating is 1558
Best Unofficial rating = 1584 Best Official rating = 1584 Lowest rating on record = 1223
304 Opponents Total Rated Games = 459 ---> 187 Wins 88 Draws 184 Losses

Best Upset = 572 points -- SHAILESH G PATEL -- 1894 WORLD OPEN AMATEUR 07-01-1993

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four Queens At Chirstmas 2008

This year the turnout at the December 20, 2008 Hamilton Chess Quad appeared to be less than last year's, perhaps because the date was so closed to Christmas and everyone was using the last Saturday before Christmas for some last minute shopping.

In m first round quad at the December 20, 2008 Hamilton Quad in Groville, New Jersey I violated a basic opening principle by bring out my queen early by snaching up pawns. Fortunaely for me I was not punished for this by my opponent , just the contrary I managed in the endgame to queen three passed pawns to give white a total of four queens counting the orignal queen that I started the game with. This game is placed at the end of this post, just click on "Show Chess Board"
Unfortunately, in my last round game I played poorly by dropping a minor piece by placing the knight en prise. I only needed a draw in the last round to bring home the Christmas money but left instead with just two wins and one lost and placed second in my quad.

Much better is move 29. Nf6+ for white which totally crushes Black and completely avoids the Four Queens scenario of white queening multiple pawns..diamondback Just click on that variation and it highlights in red and play it out on the board.


A highlight at the Hamilton Quad was to see Jim West get into his book signing mode for his book The Dynamic Philador Counter Gambit.

This link shows how Jim West plays the Philador Counter Gambit.
Jim West Plays the Philador Counter Gambit.

Jim West lastest PCG game December 28, 2008 against Anna Matlin at the Viking Quads at Somerset , New Jersey


This is a complete review on Jim West's PCG Monograph by Macon Shibut.

Atomic Patzer snapped some pics of the book signing and he may post in the future.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jim West On Chess: Falkbeer Counter Gambit

Jim West On Chess: Falkbeer Counter Gambit

Here are five games played by Jim West as Black using the Falkbeer Counter Gambit.
All of the games posted below were played in the early 1990's by Jim West.
For most complete analysis of the games, please use the link above which directs you to the post at Jim West On Chess.

Please note the content of this chess post and chess games were orignally published in the January/February 1996 edition of Atlantic Chess News.
Also this chess material was written by Jim West, National Master , New Jersey, USA

Falkbeer Counter Gambit, King's Gambit Declined Game Collection
This is a link to game database.

Again, here is the link to Jim West On Chess Falkbeer Counter Gambit which has all the analysis of the games shown below.




This Game Below was Drawn



Monday, December 1, 2008

Bryan Smith Sole First Place Winner at National Chess Congress 2008

International Master Bryan Smith of Pennsylvania (a former resident of Alaska) scored clear first in the National Chess Congress at Philadelphia, PA during the Thanksgiving weekend.

His final score was 5.5 points out of six rounds which consisted of five wins and one draw. Here are some of those games from NCC 2008. Also a link is provided for a collection of his games that he has played through out the years.

National Chess Congress Premier Section Stangings

Chess Game Collection Of Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith's World Open 2001 Games

Listed below are four games from his complete victory at the 2008 National Chess Congress