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The Endgame Tactician: Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop -

The Endgame Tactician: Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop -

The theme of this post is to provide info by other chess bloggers as well as myself on Bishop and Pawn endgame instruction from You Tube chess videos and from chess games of Jose Capablanca uploaded by myself that feature many different type of Bishop endgame scenarios taken from Irving Chernev's book "Capablanca Best Chess Endings"

Also on the Jose Capablanca Chess Flash games posted towards the end of this blog, I will be providing endgame analysis taken from Irving Chernev's book "Capablanca Best Chess Endgames". So the first Chess Flash game diagram will be the complete game and the second Chess Flash game next to it will contain endgame analysis for the last fifteen or so moves of that game.

The first game is courtesy of fellow blogger Endgame Tactian which he placed on with Bishhop and Pawn endgame technique.

Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop (Same Color Bishops)

Also here is a You Tube Video by GreenCastleBlock showing same colors Bishop and Pawn endgame techniques. diamondback

The games below are complete game moves from Jose Capablanca which I uploaded from that cover Bishops of same color endgame technique.

Also here is link to Capablanca's Best Games Collection compiled by Notyetagm at for the Capablanca fan.

Complete game score of JR Capablanca vs D Janowsky 1916 in New York
Bishops of Same Color


Endgame Analysis at Move 49 for white for JR Capablanca vs D. Janowski 1916 in NY.
Bishops of Same Color


Years later a draw was shown and proven by Cheron and Averback by this line
83.... Kf4 84.Bd4 Kf3 85. b5 Ke2 etc after move 83, which is when Janowsky resigned.
Complete line is this below:

83...Kf4 84.Bd4 Kf3 85.b5 Ke2 86.Kc6 Kd3 87.Bb6 Bg5 88.Kb7 Kc4 89.Ka6 Kb3 90.Bf2 Bd8 91.Be1 Ka4

Complete game below for Menchik vs Capablanca Hastings 1931
Bishops of Same Color


Endgame for Menchik vs Capablanca Hastings 1931 starting with Move 23 for White shown below:
Bishop of Same Color


Opposite Color Bishops endgames with complete game score sheets played by Jose Capablanca are listed below:


Endgame analysis for Capablanca vs Thomas at Hastings in 1929 Bishops of Opposite Colors at Move 26 for white.


Complete scoresheet for Capablanca vs Yates in 1919
Bishops of Opposite Colors


Endgame Analysis for Capablanca vs Yate 1919 at move 34 for white
Bishops of Opposite Color


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