Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frank Turns The Tables

This game was played in round two of Mastermind's Chess Club Quads in August 10, 2008. At that time Frank's USCF rating was 1726. His opponent's USCF rating was 1904. Preston never considered that the final outcome would result in an upset and a complete lost when Frank played him that day since he was rated almost 200 points higher than Frank.

Click on Show Chessboard to open game and Click on any variation move which plays that variation out .


At the present date of September 27, 2008, this is Frank's highest rated opponent that he has beaten.

The statistic is courtesy of MSA Chess Statistics Program. MSA is a utility program that extracts chess statistics from USCF Tournement records.

Highest Rated Opponent Win = PRESTON -- 1904 MASTERMINDS CC 08/10/08 08-10-2008

Frank is a strong over the board player and I will try to post one more of his better rated USCF games to my blog. I have a strong amateur chess game from Joshua from the June 2008 Hamilton Chess Quads that I will post next, because the theme of this chess blog is all about " Chess From the Amateur"

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