Monday, September 1, 2008

Comedy of Errors

Today is the last day of the 2008 New Jersey Championship which was held over the Labor weekend at the Ramada in Somerset , New Jersey.

The best result for me was after each round when I drove nearby to the Pronto Deli or Starbucks for a coffee or sanwich. Need I say more. I was totally unprepared for the competiton in my section. You would always see the kid's parent looming over their child when I played the yougsters. Or maybe that person was the Kid's personal chess coach or both.

I participated in the under 1600 section and the oldest opponent that I played was aged 85 years old and the yougest player was aged 8 years old. There is a lot to learn from your losts, especially when a eight year old knows more about Chess Opening Theory than you.

Here is one of my games that shows my poor judgement that it was not the best decision to exchange rook for rook instead of Knight takes rook. I reasoned that it this exchange was better so that my opponent would take back my rook with black's pawn and then White's knight would then recapture Black's pawn , if I had taken the rook with my knight then Black would recapture with his pawn and that pawn would be a dangerous passed pawn.

As always, ther first chess playing diagram is the actual game played.

The second chess playing diagram is analysis on move 26 by ChessMaster 10th edition

ChessMaster 10th Edition

ChessMaster XI edition

In the second game below, all the moves were played out by ChessMaster 10th edition after move 26th NxR.


Analysis if NxR on move 26 for white.
Chessmaster - Chessmaster

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