Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Chinese Dragon

At is an article in Gary Lane's column title " Opening Lanes". The name of the chess column is " Enter the Dragon"

The reader asks " What's up with this Chinese Dragon.
I quote from the his column the reasons behind this variation.

"This theme of attack in the Chinese Dragon is the perfect way to create danger at the earliest opportunity" and " Rb8 , this move signifies the Chinese Dragon; basically the idea is to play ...b5 in the right circumstances.

Sounds like my kind of opening for a quick kill over the board.

The link to Gary Lane's chess column " Enter the Dragon " is
The first chess playing diagram is the Chinese Dragan.

And the Second chess playing diagram shows Black 10th move Rook to C8
instead of the black's 10th move R B8 which indicates the Chinese Dragan.

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