Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forced Mate Wins At 2009 Liberty Bell Tournament

In this round five game my opponent focused on White's queenside only to be shut down by my knight on C5. And eventually I cramped Black's pieces on the seventh rank and neutralized their scope and activity.

Having secured the Queenside, by White's 20th move Rc1 and White's 21st move Nc5,I preceded to pawnstorm Black's castled king on the kindside.

Seeing that forced mate or the loss of material on the seventh rank, my opponent resigned.

Below is the Chess Flash game with some light annotations from Fritz 8 and an older version of Fritz 4.

Take Note: White's 29th move is Queen to F2 !! Not Q-f4 as in the Chess Flash diagram below.......diamondback


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