Monday, June 29, 2009

Chess is 99 percent tactics. - Teichmann

Here are several tactital themes from 303 Tricky Chess Tactics by Fred Wilson and Bruce Albertson.

I am leaving it up to my chess blog readers to find the solutions or better yet I recommend purchasing the book on Amazon.Com for further chess education in Chess Tactics.

I will leave a hint as to how many moves are needed to complete the solution to the chess tactic.

What I do myself is set the postion up on the board for better chess visualization and allow myself a maximum time limit of ten minutes per exercise.

For chess tactics training , one can go low tech by using and studying chess tactic books, or you can go high tech and use several chess tactic servers on line, some are free and others you can pay a nominal price to use. Also one can buy CT ART chess tactics software and go that route.

I ,personally like to be low tech and just use ches tactic books because one can just open a chess tactics books anytime ,anywhere, and not have to be wired to do so.

In the past few years , thare has been a lot of buzz about De La Maza Rapid Chess Imporvement book emphasizing tactics and board vision for Class C players and below.
Here is a link which directs you to a review of this tactical training in a post called De la Maza's "Rapid Chess Improvement" . The book review was written by Michael Goeler in the excellent chess blog "The Kenilworthian"

The Fork

White to move (total 3 moves to win)

Black to move(total 4 moves to win)

The Pin

Black to move (total 3 moves to win)

White to move (total 3 moves to win)

The Discovery

Whtie to move (total 7 moves to win)

The Skewer

Whte to move (total 3 moves to win)

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