Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sacrifice On H7 At Hamilton Quads September 20, 2008

Hamilton CC NJ Directions

Below is a rated game played in the under 1300 section of Hamilton Quad in Quad Six between Dion and Diamondback. The tactic here in this game is the Classical H7 Sac !

In this game Dion, who played white presented Diamondback with a Greek gift, sacing his bishop on my h7 to take advantage of my unprotected backrank.


Here is a link to Greek gift games by famous player at

Famous Greek Gift Games this link is part of Chessgames Database

This second game posted below is between Scott A. and Dion C. in the first round.
Congrats ! to Scott A. who took first place in our quad with a score of 3-0. The second game posted is a win by Scott A. (white) against Dion in quick fashion.


Hamilton Chess Club Directions

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