Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chess 5 Personal Online Chess Database

Chess 5 is a web page where you can input your chess games for online storage. You can make your online game collection public or private. If you make your chess games public those playing over your games can provide you with some analysis by leaving comments.
Here is a public game on that Frank Dixon (Canadian Player) posted,which is a minature King's Gambit with some comments left by him.

Profile of Frank Dixon Canadian ChessPlayer

Canadian IM Bryon Nickoloff

Canadian Chess Page


Here are Frank Dixon Comments on the game left at web page Chess 5.

Friday, September 19, 2008
Frank Dixon: This sub-miniature shows the perils of the King's Gambit very clearly. The main line in the Kieseritsky variation with 3...g5 is 5...d6, but the text 5...d5is also playable. Black is in serious trouble after 9...Qe7, and he errs on his next as well, bringing the White Queen to a powerful position at g4, where she menaces the c8 and g7 squares. Black almost gets out of it, but misses the strength of White's clincher 15.Nf6+, winning the Queen since the N/g8 is pinned. I don't play the King's Gambit that often, but a game like this is always worth a big smile afterwards

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