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World Chess Championship 2010: Anand vs. Topalov - Game 4

Game 4 Anand and Topalov. Photo © who are on the spot with commentary, photos and reports.

Anand - Topalov World Championship Game 4
Mark Crowther - Thursday 29th April 2010

After the draw in game 3 it was Anand who is looking to make progress with white in game 4. Anand opened with the Catalan as Kramnik did in his match against Topalov in Elista.

Anand played a novelty with 10.Na3 which led to a long think from Topalov. It may be Topalov had studied this position but not for a while. But in the end he played 10...Bd7. So the big question was if Anand's preparation could cause serious problems for Topalov.

The answer was an emphatic, yes. Topalov's pieces gradually got tied up on the Queenside and far away from his king. Anand needed no second invitation to go for a sacrificial attack which he prosecuted with no problems at all.

Now it is up to Topalov to strike back with white on Friday. This has been a match where the white pieces have dominated (three wins and a draw so far) but Topalov will have some recovering to do after this loss.


Game 4 of 2010 World Chess Championship at Chessgames.Com

Apr-30-10 CharlesSullivan: Instead of 22...Rad8?, with 22...f6 23.Rc4 h5! Black seems to reach a defensible position; for example: 24.Ne3 Rad8 25.Qc3 Ba8 26.Bh3 Qe7 27.Rcd4 Nc6 28.R4d2 g6 29.Qc4 Nc7 30.Qxa4 e5.

Material is even and Rybka3 rates this as about +0.60 for White.

Apr-30-10 CharlesSullivan: Instead of 23...gxh6, Black could try 23...Kh7, but 24.Ng4 f6 25.Qf4! Be8 26.e5 f5 27.Ne3 Qe7 28.Qc4 gives White a large advantage:

Rybka3 rates this as +2.41 for White, Zappa says +2.07. There is obviously a lot of play left, but with accurate play, White wins.

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