Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Part Two, Suprise Weapon Against The French, The Reti Gambit.

Here are addtitional Reti Gambit Games in Chess Flash format. I went over this opening with Aaron K (USCF Rating 1560) a Class C player, at the end of the Hamilton Quads, January 23, 2009. at Hamilton Chess Club in New Jersey and he pointed out instead of Black accepting the pawn , Black just plays Nf6. I will try to find some of these games where Black declines the Reti Gambit by playing Nf6 and post some of those games in a future post.





In this followup blog on the Reti Gambit, I am posting an excerpt from the Gambit Cartel series by Tim McGrew which he published in The Chess Cafe.

The entire article can be found by clicking on this link: Terra Incognita by Tim McGrew which explains the Reti Gambit and he goes over a casual game using this gambit against a Class A player.

Comments are by Tim McGrew taken from "Terra Incognita"

"This brings me to our focus for this month, which is a rather interesting
way to shake French Defense players out of their routines and creating
unusual positions from the outset. Our attempt to reach terra incognita
begins with 1.e4 e6 2.b3!?
This is not, or not obviously, an
ambitious move. But it is quite
sound and has the capacity to
generate some sparkling positions. I
was reminded that it exists as I was
refining some ChessBase keys a few
weeks ago (by hand – Frederic, if
you’re out there and listening in,
please give us back the automatic
refining feature that CB7 had!), and
I resolved to try an experiment:
without doing any study of the line,
without even playing over any complete games in it, I would essay this
variation and see whether just by disorienting my opponents I could
achieve interesting and playable positions"

Also in this post on the Reti Gambit, I am including some Chess Flash games where white plays his 5th move which is g4 pushing into the kingside of Black.

Immediately after white's g4 move, white plays Bishop to g2 with a followup of Nxe4.
Thereafter, White castles queenside and pushes the f pawn and h pawn.

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