Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hamilton Quads January 23, 2010 Help Mate In Round Three

Here is my third round game that I played at Hamilton Quads in Groveville, New Jersey on Saturday , January 23, 2010. What interesting is that my opponent was the number one seed, rated at 1361 pts and this was a Swiss event for the lower rated players because the odd number of players rated below 1375 pts. (Class D )and the six remaining players could not form two final Quad Sections.

This game was played fast by both of this in about in one hours total time for both of us.

I have played John C. about 8 games total throughout the past two years and I have the better winning percentage about five wins to three losses.

At this quad event there were many new faces all of which were under the age of fourteen years in all rating classes. Suprisely , half of the youngsters were girls, and all of them were class B and higher in ratings. One of the girls, her first name was Maryka , class B player under the age of twelve years tied in her Quad Section and as I was leaving she was kicking butt in her last round agains an old timer Class B player.

Also the usual suspects were present today, Masters, Jim West, Dragan, and Mark.

Below is my help mate game, which and should have been played better by myself even though it was a win. It's not just enought for me to win , I must win by playing efficent and exact moves in my chess wins.

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