Monday, July 20, 2009

First DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational Round Five Photos By Kevin E Chen

I was just emailed a few moments ago pictures of Rounds five thru eight of the First DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational on Monday evening on July 20, 2009, by Kevin E Chen amateur chess player and amateur photgrapher. Kevin also was one of the invited players to participate in this chess tournament.

The location of this Chess event is at the Dean of Chess Academy 1161 US Highway 202. Branchburg, New Jersey , USA 08876 908-595-0066. Headed by New Jersey Chess Teacher of the Year International Master Dean Ippolito.

USCF Crosstable 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational

Round Six Photos

Round Seven Photos

Round Eight Photos

This group of photos are from Round Five only. I will post Rounds six, seven and eight in subsequent posts within a day or so. Also names of the players will be added in subtitles at the same time. This was a nine round event and unfortunately Kevin incurred techical problems with his digital camera during the shoot of the last round.

This First Transnet DOCA FIDE invitational ended Sunday , July 19, 2009.

Final results and additional photos of this Chess event can be found on
Jim West On Chess.

Dozen Photos From DOCA Transnet posted by Jim West

Listed below are the names of players, who particpated in the first of a kind chess event in New Jersey, USA.
These are the players who will participate in the 1st Dean of Chess Academy TransNet FIDE Invitational tournament. The FIDE average is 2169, and the USCF average is 2092.

1. Dean Ippolito [FIDE 2443] [USCF 2521]
2. James West [FIDE 2180] [USCF 2200]
3. David Grasso [FIDE 2131] [USCF 2228]
4. Tim Hall [FIDE 2118] [USCF 2009]
5. Arthur Feuerstein [FIDE 2106] [USCF 2229]
6. Rahul Swaminathan [FIDE 2037] [USCF 2087]
7. Christopher Wu [USCF 1967]
8. Mike Somers [USCF 1966]
9. Steve Ferrero [USCF 1926]
10. Kevin Chen [USCF 1788]

Steve Ferrero plays white against NM Arthur Feuerstein

Picture of Kevin E Chen wearing black hat playing white agains NM A. Feuerstein.

Rahul Swaminathan plays white against Dean Ippolito

NM James R West plays white against Christopher Wu

Mike Somers plays black against David Grasso

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