Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seven Deadly Chess Sins

Seven Deadly Chess Sins

Having just read the book review by Jeremy Silman on the "Seven Deadly Chess Sins" , I immediately placed my order for this book on Amazon. This book was orignaly published on December 2000.

Here is the link to the Publisher, where you can get more info on the book.

Upon my completion on reading this book, I will future post on this blog what I got out of the book and how I will apply this new chess knowledge to my future tournements and Club play ....... diamondback

Here is a repost of the book review by Jeremy Silman on the book by Jonathan Rowson " Seven Deadly Chess Sins" in this link: Book Review by Jeremy Silman

Also here is the link to Amazon, where you can buy the book. Seven Deadly
Chess Sins

Here is link the where there are selected games from the book, Seven Deadly Chess Games by GM Jonathan Rowson.

Biographical info on Jonathan Rowson can found on Wikipedia.

One of his most recent notable games by GM Jonathan Rowson (former British Chess Champion) Circa 2003 in Chess Flash format is posted below.


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