Monday, June 28, 2010

Hamilton Chess Quads, June 25, 2010 Groveville, New Jersey USA

Yesterday , I played in Hamilton Chess Quads in Groveville , New Jersey, the most active National Master in New Jersey , Jim West was missing in action on June 25, 2010. at Hamilton Chess Quads in Groveville, New Jersey, USA

Overall the turn out was light about24 players , about six quads , about 20% of the players were Generation Y under the age of ten in all sections bout five players with their parents.

Given the outside temperature of about 90 degrees. the air conditioner unit was barely maintaining in the lower quad sections.

Here is my first round game with Dion a strong class D player unfortunately he had over things on his mind about his family being sick and had to withdraw after the first round in our Quad Section , which was rated under 1350 USCF rating points.

Here is an off hand game in five minute blitz , that Black was on his opponent like white on rice. This game shows that Blitz in sloppy chess at its best.

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