Sunday, February 22, 2009

King Hunt At Hamilton Chess Quads February 21, 2009

Blog Post updated with Chess Diagram and additional text at 3:45PM EST Sunday
February 22, 2009....diamondback

Here is my second round game at Hamilton Chess Club New Jersey where I had my opponent on the ropes since the opening, my main strategy was to secure the D file , harass his Queen, prevent White from castling, and move down and occupy his seventh rank to box in and trap his queen ans weave a mating net on the back rank.

Position from actual game: Black to move and win in two moves


My philosphy is that tactics spring from the game strategy and those chess tactics causes overload on your opponent position which results in the oppostion weaking his postion.

This game was played in the under 1400 quad, Quad 7, which Sal G (gentleman facing the camera in the hyperlink to Jim West Book Signing as Jim West is signing his book ) took clear first because his play was red hot. Sal may want to take a few lessons from Jim West to advance in his Amateur Chess career since he has taken clear first in several recent Quads at Hamilton Chess Club.

The next Quad at Hamilton Chess Club in Groveville, NJ is March 21, 2009 and thereafter April 18, May 16, and June 20. 2009. All Saturdays, Registraion 9:30AM First Round 10:30 AM promply.
The remaining dates for Hamilton Quads are July 18, Aug 22, Sept 19, Oct 24, Nov 21, and Dec 19 2009

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