Sunday, July 26, 2009

Upset By Kevin C At 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational

Photo Left: Kevin Chen in Black Hat

Here is an upset by Kevin E Chen over National Master Arthur Feuerstein at the 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE event in New Jersey, USA.


The notes in this game are provided by Kevin C. Just a small disclaimer, I emailed Kevin asking for this game so as to post on my chess blog. The reason for this is to promote the theme of my chess blog " Chess From The Amateur".

This game is from Round One on July 11, 2009 at the First DOCA Transnet Fide Tournament in Branchburg, New Jersey, USA.

The game is presented in Chess Flash format. Just click on any move to advance the game in the diagram and any variations in the game, one can click on and the variations which highlight in red to play on the board.....diamondback

Please click on link Final Results below, which will redirect you to Jim West On Chess blog for final standings......diamondback

Final Results of the 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE Tournament

USCF Crosstable 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational

USCF Report On The 1st DOCA Transnet FIDE by Dean Ippolito

1st DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitatiional Photos

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