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Hamilton Quads July 18, 2009

On Saturday, July 18, 2009 , I played at the Hamilton Chess Quads,
my score was 1 1 1.

Photo of Ray Dwier Recreation Center, Groveville, New Jerey

Here is one of my games, a win with white in the lower quad sections, the under 1400section at Hamilton Chess Quads on July 18, 2009 in Groveville, New Jersey.

A few notes on the game. The opening is a Queens Pawn opening, my strategy was to bust open the C file, my opponent's attack focus on the A file, he had his chances on the A file but fumble the ball. In my opening, Black played his Queen out early, neglecting his developement.

My opponent also has an excellent post for his knight on white's e4 square but he immediately traded off this powerfull knight for my knight on c3. By move 34, Black moved his light square bishop a total of eight times and then decided to trade off for white's light square bishop, this was black's most active piece in the middle game. Feeling the need to trade pieces , my opponent also decided to trade off Queens instead of taking white's H pawn on h2. As you play over this game, I had a lot of help from my oppent, especially towards the end of the game.

I believe this was Black's game for the taking based on Chessmaster 10th edition play in the last Chess Flash diagram below.

The endgame consisted of white's rook infiltrating black's backfield and picking off his C pawns and H pawns, which resulted in white's passed pawn queening on the C file.

The game is in Chess Flash format as usual, the first game has some analysis from an older version of Fritz 4.

Remember that on the Chess Flash replay board you can click on the notation and the analysis moves as well to follow the moves on the graphic chessboard

The second game is without the any analysis in Chess Flash this is an ugly game and it should have been been at least a draw for my opponnet , but I pulled a win out of my hat.

If any of the lower quad players , who played at Hamilton Quads,at Groveville, New Jersye on July 18, 2009 want to email any of their games to post on my chess blog, just email me the game scores to I know Scott A , a student of Dan Heisman in Philadelphia, has some interesting games he played yesterday. Also Robert C of New Jersey may have some notewothy games he may want to email me his scoresheets.

The first game shown below has some analysis from Fritz 4, an older version of Fritz 11.


Here is the same game posted without any analysis.


Here is the same game with Chessmaster 10th edition analysis with 30 seconds a move starting with white's 30th move Nd3 ... in the orignal game.
Chessmaster 10 determined that Black could win this game at a 2400 uscf rating, which is about a thousand points higher than the players who finished this game.

>Chessmaster vs Chessmaster 7-19-2009.PGN

This was my first round game that started around 11:00 AM and ended around 2:30PM in the afternoon. The time control is 40/80 then 15/30 , then 15/30 ad infinitum . My game and another quad player in the highter quad section were still playing on in the middle of players who started their second round game. The TD glancing at my board determined not to adjourn my game since my opponent Mark was playing a lone knight and three pawns against my rook and a pass pawn that queen before he could queen his pawn. The other game between the two higher quad players was adjouned and what I have heard that adjourned game between Frank and Hapler ended quite late in the night, their postion was drawn which game F. took clear first in the under 1800 quad.

Some the big name New Jersey masters and experts were missing from Hamilton Quads because they were playing in the First DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational at Dean Of Chess Academy. Since the overall attendence at this Hamilton Quad event was 52 players , a new record, they may have not been any tables for the missing New Jersey masters and experts for them anyway.

Here is an update after Round Seven of the First DOCA Transnet FIDE onJim West On Chess.

The final standings and scores of the First DOCA Transnet FIDE Invitational by Jim West can be found at this link DOCA Transnet 7/19/2009
This was posted by NM Jim West of New Jersey Monday , July 20, 2009.

Just a side note what happened after Hamilton Quads were finished in the late evening I did speak with Mark Kernigan a New Jersey chess Master , who played in Quad One and I asked him to donate one of his games , so as to post the game on my chess blog, especially the draw over Boris Privaman at today's Hamilton Quad, but he delcined , citing that the game was not note worthy.

Here's a picture of Mark Kernigan winning as White against FM Bartell in a recent Simul given by FM Bartell of New Jersey around May 2008.

I have to add the TD director Ed did a fantastic job squezzing everyone in despite a few tables short.

I have to reassess my chess learning program, especially in the middle game of chess, because everytime , I get paired in these lower quads at Hamilton Chess Club, it seems my opponents are playing at least 200 rating points above their 1300 to 1400 ratings points. But I know this is not the case, it just feels like my opponents are playing strong because I am struggling in the Middle game of chess. Just a side note, Theodore M a 1500 player struggle in this quad , and he usually plays strong at these quads events.

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