Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resilient Chess Players, These Young Kids

Today , Saturday May 16, 2009 I played in the monthly Hamilton Chess Quads after a two month hiatus. As I walk up to register and lay down my money, Atomic Patzer greeted me by saying " Are You Playing Chess Again " I was so choked up with emotion about returning to winning chess again, I could not answer him. After today chess quad tourny, I walked away with clear first in the under 1400 Swiss.

After I laid down my money , the chess TD spoke to me about a disclaimer that there is limit on the number of players that can play at the Ray Dwier Rec Center because Hamilton Township took two tables away. I asked him if that meant first come, first play and the TD said No! it's based upon ratings and that the higher rated playes get first priority on registration.

That Sucks ! Ed the TD should provide a disclaimer to the Chess Experts and above that they should be told , first come , first to play , and the tournement registation ends at promply at 10:00 AM so that the chess quads can start on time at 10:30 AM . In the past I was turned away because I came at 10:50 AM and play had already begun, when in the past some chess masters would staggered in after 10:30 or so and the pairing process would have to be redone for the upper quads.

Prior the start of the first round, I spoke briefly with Dragan, the current Hamilton Chess Club champion about what it means to win a game of chess and he answer that sometimes it's more important to play well and not even consider if one wins or loses. Obviously , Dragan Milovanovic plays extremely well because he wins most of his games when he plays opponents 200 points below his rating.

A small side note , the Editor of the Atlantic Chess News, Steve Ferrero brought in some free copies of the March 2009, about the a dozen or so copies, and I was lucky to snag the last copy on the chair near the registration table.

I am posting my second round game agains a youngster by name of Leon Wu, who is about ten, or eleven years old, his age could be younger than that. What impress me most about his style of play is that he never gave up, his play was resilient and defending with imagination even though he was on the ropes from move twenty or so.

A very young boy who is rated close to 1400 USCF and on his way up in the ratings race.


Note: Analysis Chess Flash game added May 19, 2009 below for side by sid comparison of game scoresheet above..........diamondback


Notice an improvement on Move 20 for white.

Score: 4.93 20.Re3 Bf5 21.Qxf5 Nf6 22.Nxd5 Nh7 23.Re7 Rad8 24.c4 Qg6 25.Qxg6 fxg6

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