Saturday, May 2, 2009

Part Two The Art of Sacrifice In Chess by Rudolf Spielmann

Here is the final segment containing three games with some annotations from the book "The Art of Sacrifcie In Chess" by Rudold Spielman. Naturally in Chess Flash format.

You can find part one of my post The Art of Sacrifice In Chess at this link Here.

All three games feature some sort of Exchange Sacrifice to gain postional advantage to execute a winning attack.

The first game is a King's Gambit Declined. R. Spielman played White against Tarrasch,complete with annotations from the book and Fritz 8.
Note that the reason behind white's 26. RxNf4 is so that White can established a Rook on f6 to bear down on Black's King. notes by Spielman.

Note: All three games updated in Chess Flash Vertical Orientation on May 3, 2009....diamondback

Here is a link with complete analysis of one more of Spielman's game at Chessville.

An Appreciation of Rudolf Spielman
Link added on May 3, 2009..........diamondback

Once again, Game One below, the opening is a King's Gambit Declined....diamondback


The second game is of the French Defense opening, Spielman played White against Dekker,complete with annotations from the book and Fritz 8.

White's 11th move Bxh7check exchange sacrifice allows white to queen his h pawn later in the game, which results in a win...Spielman


The third game features a Caro Kann Defense with Spielman playing white agains Tartakover, complete with annotations from the book and Fritz 8.

On white' 13th move Bd3, which allows black to take the rook with his bishop
is a full sacrifice of the exchange , with single minded idea of promoting
White's developement.....Spielman


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