Tuesday, May 26, 2009

500 Master Games Of Chess

Just recently I took this book "500 Master Games Of Chess " from my bookcase and decided to dust it off. In the past , I have utilized some of the games within the pages for training purposes, most notably the Ruy Lopez game collection.

The book is compiled by Dr. S. Tartakower and J.Du Mont and is published by Dover books and available on Amazon. The orignal publishing date was 1952.

The time period of the games covers from 1844 to 1938. The copy that I own is in descriptive notation, which is ok by me since I am bilingual in both descriptive and algebraic chess notation. This book is really three books in one.

Book one covers the Open games, such as the Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano, Scotch Gambit and Scotch game, King's Gambit, Petroff defense etc.

Book two are the semi-open games, for example , the Sicilian, French , Alekinine defense, Center Counter.

Book three has the closed games, which are Queens gambit, Catalan, English etc. So there is a little bit of everything for the chess connoisseur of openings. The table of contents for each book has the names of the openings and their variations , but no ECO codes.
One drawback is there is no player index in the back of the book.

Most of the games in this book are lightly annotated, while other games have complete annotations at critical points of the game.

I am just going to post one game each from each book in Chess Flash format. For the open game , I am chosing a Ruy Lopez, also for the semi-open game a French , and for the closed game, it will have to be a Queens Gambit Declined. At the end of this post will be a link to Chessgames.Com where there are more games from this book , that one can use for playing out the games, while reading the book at the same time.

Chessgames.com links to book chapters for "500 Master Games of Chess"
are listed below:

Book One, Book Two, Book Three

Google Books 500 Master Games of Chess , partial views of book itself.




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