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Blogger Hardcore Pawnography Lays Down His King

i’m laying down the king « hardcore pawnography

The link above is to the post dated November 22, 2008 announcing Hardcore Pawnography withdrawal from Chess Blogging.

At the end of my post is the complete text of Hardcore Pawnography's resignation from chess blogging.

To be honest I have not followed his chess blog but heard about this chess blog through the Internet by other chess bloggers.

For almost two years Hardcore Pawnography chess blogger has provided us with many different chess blogs with his spin on chess along with his travels.

Following this post were 58 commnents thanking him for his time and effort in promoting chess blogging.

I only wish that this Chess Blogger would have made mention as to what some of his best chess blog posts were. I may in the future gleam from his two years of blogging and repost some of his work this year.

Hopefully, this chess blogger will not delete his inactive blog but instead keep the blog online for other future bloggers to read and learn from it.

Here is the post chessloser wrote along with some of the comments.

i’m laying down the king
November 22, 2008 at 11:04 am (chess)

i had a goal of becomming a chess master, getting to a rating of 2000. didn´t happen, not even close.

i had a goal of writing a cool chess blog. it happened, i’ve made super awesome freinds, played in a few tournaments, met some fantastic, interesting, wonderful, great people, and had a kick ass time the whole way.

this is no longer a chess blog, not a real one, and so i think it´s time to resign.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has read my blog, commented or not, been along from the beginning, just started reading at the end. Thanks for all the advice, support, comeraderie, everything, I cannot explain in human words how much I appreciate it all.

I’m not studying as much as i was (but i’m still studying, i love chess, i cant not play it or look at it) and i’m not playing at all. I might end up getting a job here in antigua (the life changing event) which would mean i would live here. if i dont, i might get a job on a boat out of Rio Dulce, i might continue on to honduras and further south as originally planned.

either way, I wont be writing about chess anymore, so it makes no sense to keep a chess blog. This is the last post.

I want to again thank everyone and i wish everyone well.

and a big CHESS: FUCK YEAH to devin carlin. rock on daddy-o.

Take care

chess it up!

SonofPearl said,
November 22, 2008 at 1:05 pm

I’m very sad to see your chess blog end, but I understand your decision. You’ve given me many great laughs and I thank you for the time and effort that you spent writing.

Good luck in your future endeavours, wherever they lead you.

Mr. Parx said,
November 22, 2008 at 5:25 pm

Well, you almost made it two years. Please don’t call it completely quits. Your blog address will sit dormant in my BlogLines reader, waiting to hear that one good story you just had to share. About becoming the new Chess Champ of the crummy Antiguan bar you frequent. Whatever it is, I look forward to reading more words from you, because of your humor and writing style.

Best of luck,
Mr. P.

A blog doesn’t have to be about any subject. We weren’t following your blog to read about chess this last month. We were following it because we were interested in what you were doing. We would still check on ychessed said,
November 22, 2008 at 6:52 pm
our blog, and read any postings, even if it had litle to do with chess.

Any jobs down there for old, fat, civil engineers? There aren’t any here, for sure.



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  2. On Robert Pearson Chess Blog dated January 2, 2009 , Friday, there is an update on what happen to "Chessloser" blogger for Hardcore Pawnography, where he is and what his future plans are for chess blogging....diamondback