Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Chess Coroner: #422 Garden State League Founded! Season Starts March 3rd.

The Chess Coroner: #422 Garden State League Founded! Season Starts March 3rd.

Per Chess Blogger " The Chess Coroner" these are the New Jersey Chess Clubs that form the new Garden State League.

The Garden State Chess League will begin play on March 3rd, 2009 with at least 4 teams: West Orange, Kenilworth, Hamilton and Summit. The latter’s player-pool will include members of Springfield’s Checkmate CC.

Other possible clubs include Staten Island & Westfield. Both had representatives present at Thursday’s founding meeting but scheduling again kept Dumont & Newark Sleepless Knights away. Hopefully they are still interested. Roselle is now unlikely to join. Union County College is a dark-horse.

The entry deadline for clubs/teams is 9 p.m., Friday, February 20th, 2009.
The $10 per team entry fee must be received by Saturday, February 28th, 2009.

Rules changes and additions since the preliminary, December 4th meeting :
The time control will be G/80 (rather than G/90).
There will be 4 boards per team.
The maximum 4-board average will be 1900.0
If an unrated player is used, the average of the other players on his/her team must be 1900.0 or less.
The 2008 USCF Annual Rating List will determine player ratings for the Winter-Spring 2009 season.
Matches will take place at the West Orange CC on the 1st Tuesday of each month & start at 8 p.m. The paired teams have the option of playing elsewhere (within the given-month, if I remember correctly).

For example, if Kenilworth was scheduled to be the road team vs. Summit in the 1st round, they could play at Summit on 3/9 or 3/16, instead of having both teams travel.

Elected officers on Thursday :

President - John Hagerty
Vice President - John Moldovan

More info can be found in the above link. This chess blog is located within the chess web page " The Kenilworth Chess Club " titled " The Chess Coroner " The date of that Chess Coroner blog was December 18, 2008 which contained info about the new Garden State Chess League.

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