Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hamilton Chess Club Quads Pictures From January 25, 2009 Tournament

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year to all my readers in the Chess Blogsphere.

Unfortunately Google has placed a hold on my Chess Blog for possible Chess Spam postings. I hope someone out there in Chess Blogosphere will post a comment and state that diamondback chess is definitely not posting chess spam but only chess game content on my blog. Thank you for your support for posting a comment that will show your support for my chess blog.

Hopefully this post will be published with some of the pictures that I took at the January 25, 2008 Hamilton Chess Quad. I asked for and was given a game scoresheet from Johs H. for one of his chess victories over a chess player with an Expert rating. I will post some of those chess games when Google reviews and gives me the Green Light to continue posting .

My understanding is that this is a two day buisness day process.

Thank You All ! for reading my Chess Blog....... Diamondback

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