Saturday, March 6, 2010

Redux: Atomic Patzer Trumps Diamondback

Atomic Patzer AKA Saint Thomas

Diamondback aka Saint George

Here is a first round game between Tom and I at the February 27, 2010 HCC Hamilton Chess Quads at Groveville, New Jersey. Atomic was the top seed rated at 1498 USCF class C in the under 1500 six man swiss Swiss, which was part of the Quad event for that day. Selected games from that HCC six man swiss can be found in my previous post Hamilton Swiss Clear First Winner

I tried for Black's 14th..... Nxe4 sac the exchage but it backfired in an endgame rout.

This first chessflash game shows Fritz 6 analyzing this outcome after blacks14.....


The second chess flash game shows the real game up to Black's 14th move.


The previous post on this game does not include the second chessflash analsysis which is for Black 14......h6. So I decided to repost this battle of the chess bloggers again with both chessflash game analsysis.....diamondback

Atomic Patzer recommends for Black 14.... Re8 to hold the Center, Fritz 6 in Chessbase Light 2009 analyzes from point on, but looks like Black is busted as shown in this Chess Flash game below:


Frtiz version 6 analysis after Blacks's move 14.....h6


Saint George

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