Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unsound Sacrifice At Cherry Hill Quads, New Jersey , Saturday March 13, 2010

Yesterday , I played in the under 1600 Quads at Cherry Hill Library, at Cherry Hill , New Jersey. Despite the heavy rain and high winds there was a decent turnout of about 15 players or so. After arriving 20 minutes late because of the heavy rains for the first round game and completely razzled by the driving conditions, I hung a piece on move six or so but decided to play on to about 20 more moves.

Only the diehard chess fanatic would come out in hurricane gust winds and monsoon rain conditions to play in Cherry Hill. New Jersey.

The TD Dan Hermann passed judgement at this Quad when some younger players wanted to switch up in the round << pairings by playing the third round pairings in the second round and vice a versa, rather strange, I might say but I have seen stranger things in my lifetime>>> in the lowest quad , the under 1600. Dan's ruling was the pairings stand as was paired up at the start of the Quad.

My excuse, for driving in windswept rains and playing in this quad was I just got a wild hair up my ass and decided to drive across the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia towards Cherry Hill in South Jersey, at the last minute. Not a smart thing today with winds knocking down trees and Admiral Wilson Blvd, and Highway 30 East being flooded out and having to back track to Camden and crossing over the Ben Franklin bridge to Philadelphia that way.
Because of this poor judgement in deciding to drive from Philadelphia, Pennsyvania USA to Cherry Hill, New Jersey in this latest Nor'Easter I am placing myself on a chess tournement time out for thirty days.

My second game was with the White pieces and my last round game that I played was with the Black pieces and my opponent decided to play the Caro Kann Exchange. My opponent decided to sacrifice the exchage on move 24, even though I lost that game, I am showing that the sacrifice exchange was unsound and Black can play to a draw.

More detail games of the Caro Kann Exchange can be found at

Some Analysis

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