Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hamilton Swiss Clear First Place Winner

Hamilton Chess Club Quads turn out was light on Saturday , February 27, 2010 about 25players showed up. Because of this , the under 1500 USCF rated players were group under a Swiss. Top seeed was Atomic Patzer, USCF 1498 Class C player, but his two wins from this three round swiss was not enough to bring home the bacon.

Instead a young New Jersey upstart, who walked away with three wins in very convincing fashion and made an impression with those who played in that Swiss, and a few of the regulars in that under 1500 Swiss swear that his playing strength was around 1700.

I think it was more that our playing style was around 900 due to our blunders and leaving pieces en prise and wide open back rank mates opportunities for the Victor in this Swiss.

I did speak with this young man to post his wins on my chess blog , but he declined stating that if his games need to be out there someone will make that decision other than himself. Maybe he was embarrassed that clear first was handed to him on a silver platter from his opponents.

He also told me he plays exclusively at Westfield quads and there was some mention that he is a student of Deans' Academy of Chess.

I do have all three of this games to be posted here. The first game shown is the battle for first place, both players had two points and this was the money game.

The other games posted were the first and second round games. Unfortunately Atomic Patzer never played this young man in this Swiss, but I'm sure he wanted to.

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