Saturday, February 20, 2010

Robert James Fischer vs Julio Bolbochan Stockholm Interzonal 1962

Fischer won the 1962 Stockholm Interzonal by 2½ points, scoring an undefeated 17½/22. He was the first non-Soviet player to win an Interzonal since FIDE instituted the tournament in 1948. Fischer's decisive victory made him one of the favorites for the Candidates Tournament in Curaçao, which began soon afterwards. He finished fourth out of eight with 14/27, the best result by a non-Soviet player but well behind Tigran Petrosian (17½/27), Efim Geller, and Paul Keres (both 17/27). Tal fell very ill during the tournament, and had to withdraw before completion. Fischer, a friend of Tal, was the only player who visited him in the hospital.

Crosstable Of 1962 Stockholm Interzonal courtesy of Queensac.Com
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