Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latvian Gambit Amateur Game

This post compliments my first post on the Latvian Gambit. Here is an example of an Chess Amateur Latvian Gambit game: "Atomic Patzer" - Zilbermintz, USATE 2011 played over a year old game played by two chess amateurs, blogger Atomic Patzer (White Pieces)at the USATE in New Jersey against a candidate master Lev Zilbermintz. Black initiated the Latvian Gambit and was hoisted by his own petard ,so to speak. Atomic was well prepared for this opening from Black's point of view and may have even booked up on it from Black's resources of the Latvian Gambit. The official ratings of both players at the time of play was Atomic Patzer USCF 1611 and Lev Zilbermintz about USCF 2148. What is interesting about this game is that even with Black's lone King on the board ,he continued to play until it was mate in one. Apparently Black was hoping for a stalemate. I think this was poor sports man play on the part of Black not to resign with just his lone King on the board against White's pass pawn, two knights and a bishop.

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