Sunday, May 16, 2010

Powerless Queen versus Two Connected Pass Pawns

White to move and stop Blacks' Connected passed pawns

Second Chess Diagram is complete playable game score.

Here is an interesting game that I kibitz on ICC, Saturday May 12, 2010. In this game White skewers Black's Queen in the middle game and has a queen, and rook versus Black's two rooks and a bishop.

Blacks' king tries to shelter himself in a fortress of his center pawns and he has connected passed pawns. White forks Blacks king and rook, which wins Blacks rook but White still has to contend with Blacks' connected passed pawns.

Unfortunately , White forfeits on time in the ten minute blitz game. If anyone out there in the chess blogosphere would like to comment if White can stop blacks' advance connected passed pawns with a continuation , this may be helpful to the Amateur Chess player in this endgame play.

I will try to followup in some endgame analysis later this Sunday....Diamondback

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