Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trashed At Hamilton Quads In Round Two By The Kid

Here's my second round game at Hamilton Quads on Saturday January 23, 2010.

I played white hoping for the Reti Exchange which I like as White. Thinking this kid lost his first round and that I was well rested after my 25 move draw in round one , I would be fresh and also be better off to win this game since I received the White pieces. Never Happened ! I was outplayed and outgunned, and shot myself in the foot at the same time. I was Not even seeing the same follow up variatons that my opponent was able to produce in counter play.

Maybe after move fifteen, I should have offered a draw just to psyche him out. I was told by Dion after the Quads , this game is psychological and that Pyching out your opponent, plays a large part in winning.

I can honestly say this is one of the few games I will commit to memory. because the Reti Exchange/ transposing into the Slav/type Queens Gambit is what I need to be part of my opening repertoire. I also notice the Class C players and below were all playing some type of Queens pawn opening for the most part at this Quad.

Hopefully when I get the Black side of the Sicilian down completely, I will venture pushing the E 4 pawn up two spaces.

Here is the complete game, which I did not relish playing at all.
Just a side note, Black played his light square bishop on move 8 to F 5
not on G4 as in the chess playing diagram.

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