Sunday, January 31, 2010

Queen's Gambit Thematic Tourny At Hamilton Chess Club, Groveville, New Jersey

Joshua David H. USCF Rating 1942

During the month of January 2010 , there was a Queens Gambit Thematic Tourny at the Hamilton Chess Club located in Groveville, New Jersey. In the last round both Joshua and Dragon had two points each. This was the game that decided first place, unfortunately for the young upstart, Joshua Hill, he fell short in this game.

Some chess statistics of Joshua David H. from MSA, the chess statistic program that extracts wns and loss records from
US Chess Life web page.

Highest Rated Opponent Win = DRAGAN MILOVANOVIC -- 2248 HAMILTON GAME/30 CHAMPIONSHIP 01-17-2007
Highest Rated Opponent Draw = DENNIS RYLANDER -- 2346 2004 US TEAM-EAST 02-14-2004

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