Monday, August 17, 2009

Results Of 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open, Pitman, New Jersey

I just opened an email from Stephen , which contained all the class winners of the second annual Greater Pitman Open held at Pitman Manor on August 15, 2009 in Pitman, New Jersey.

First place was tied by NM Leroy Dubek and IM Bryan Smith with four points each.

The turnout was 65 players. The event was sponsored by All the King's Men, 62 S. Broadway, Pitman, NJ 08071, 856-582-8222. INFO: Stephen Dick,

Crosstable 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open

Listed below are all the Class winners with their overall scores.

Name Total Points Place Class

IM Bryan Smith 4.0 1st
Leroy Dubeck 4.0 1st
IM Alex Lenderman 3.5 2nd
FM Thomas Bartell 3.5 2nd
Satyajit Malugu 3.5 2nd
GM Michael Rohde 3.0 3rd

Sam Barsky 3.5 2nd Top Expert

Michael Katz 3.0 3rd
Gregory Nolan 3.0 3rd
Kavinayan Sivakumar 3.0 3rd
Rahul Swaminathan 3.0 3rd

Steven Leverich 3.0 3rd Top A
Jeremiah Williams 3.0 3rd Top A
Larry Saxby 3.0 3rd Top A
Ernest Cronin 3.0 3rd Top A
Vlad Anderson 3.0 3rd Top A

Xiaoming Tim Wang 3.0 3rd Top B
James Sherman Flint 3.0 3rd Top B

Tim Baldwin 2.0 Top C
Dwayne Generette 2.0 Top C
Timothy Priestley 2.0 Top C

Andrew John Saxon 2.0 Top D
David Eckhart 2.0 Top D
Eric Cephas 2.0 Top D
Pranav Marupudi 2.0 Top D

Rui Zhang 2.0 Top E/Below

Second Annual Greater Pitman Chess Tournament

Tournament Class Prize Info

Pitman Manor

Class D Game from 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open


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