Saturday, August 15, 2009

2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open Chess Championship Photos

Some of the big name chessplayers that played today, Saturday , August 15, 2009 at the 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open in Pitman , New Jersey.
Left side of Photo front GM Alex Lenderman, Rear GM Michael Rhode, Right side of phot front IM Thomas Bartel, rear NM Leroy Dubeck, Round Four (fianl round)

Top Finishers were IM Bryan Smith and NM Leroy Dubchek, with 4 points each tied for first place also GM Alex Lederman scored 3.5 points out of four.

The TD Steve did an outstanding job making sure all the pre-registed players were checked in smoothly. Refreshments and Patries were availabel in the skittles room prior to the first round.

Steve Dick TD 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open

Here are some pictures that I took today at the Greater Pitman Open Chess Championship. The turnout was 65 players. The event was sponsored by All the King's Men, 62 S. Broadway, Pitman, NJ 08071, 856-582-8222. INFO: Stephen Dick,

Second Annual Greater Pitman Chess Tournement

Crosstable 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open


  1. yo D-BACK your site ROCKS i like the up to date UPDATES

  2. Thank You ! but The 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Chess Tournement was Rocking even more ...dback

  3. I want to thank all the supportive players, generous sponsors and caring friends that helped to make the 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open Chess Championship a very big success. I certainly could not have done as well without your help!

    Special thanks are in order for the following people for making our tournament the extra special event that it was:

    The Pitman Manor and its staff
    Ira Fine and his family
    George Chavanne
    Robert Vanneman
    Sal Geraci
    Steven Leverich
    Venice Restaurant
    Woodbury Chess Club
    Dr. Leroy Dubeck
    Dave Sherman and his wife
    Elders Beeston and Holladay
    Henry Feltman
    and last but not least,
    Alex Lenderman (for his contibutions outside of tournament play)

    All of you have invested in an important community event. On behalf of All the King’s Men, its club members,and the NJSCF, we deeply appreciate your support.

    Yours for Chess,

    Stephen Arnold Dick
    All the King's Men Chess Center
    President/CEO/Chess Instructor
    Certified USCF Tournament Director
    Member NJSCF Board of Trustees
    Main Office: 856-582-8222

  4. Stephen:

    Based upon the way this event "The 2nd Annual Greater Pitman Open" was well organized and smoothly run by yourself and others, you should certainly expect an even larger turnout next year.....diamondback