Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steinitz Blindfold Simul at Dundee 1867

When you think of international chess it is unlikely that Scotland springs to mind. Steinitz, the future first World Champion, participated in an international tournament in Dundee September 1867.

In September 1867, Gustav Neumann won the Dundee, Scotland International. 2nd place went to Steinitz

Also at Dundee, Scotland 1867 Chess Congress, future world champion William Steinitz played a blindfold simul with six opponents. His result was 3 0 3, Three wins and three draws and no losses.

On July 11 thru July 19 ,2009 the 116th Scottish Championship (International Tournement) will be held in Dundee, Scotland.

Below are the three wins of Steinitz in the blindfold simul held at the Dundee, Scotland during the Dundee chess congress of September1867.




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