Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chess Portal

Here is complete chess web page called Your Chess Net , which is a chess aggregator.

The idea behind this site is provide complete chess news provided through RSS feeds, podcasts, embedded ojects, and flash video.

This page is loadable in Eglish, French, German, and Spanish, once you load the language you want, then you register and save that page. When the main page is loaded, you get links and feeds to FIDE news, Susan Polgar's, and

On the far right hand side of the web page is a bookmarks section , which has already approximately 30 or some chess bookmarks and at the bottom you have an add bookmark button.

On the bottom right is a video panel when you can click on various You Tube videos, below is a You Tube video from the early 1990's from Saturday Night Live titled:
"The Perfect Chess Cheer" which I found on the video panel located on Your Chess Net.

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