Monday, December 22, 2008

More Games From Hamilton Christmas Quad 2008

Hamilton Chess Quads Directions

The first game listed is played by me which was previously posted in my blog post "Four Queens For Christmas 2008 " on December 20, 2008. (diamondback)

Much better is move 29. Nf6+ for white which totally crushes Black and completely avoids the Four Queens scenario of white queening multiple pawns..diamondback Just click on that variation and it highlights in red and play it out on the board.


The three games listed below were played by Scott A. December 20, 2008 Saturday quad. In this lower quad Scott played a youngster named Charles and also played against two veterans Sal and Dion.

Dion has played in many chess quads throughout South Jersey and Central Jersey he has told me on occassion that Hamilton Chess Quads in Groveville, New Jersey are very well organized and priced right.

I believe Sal has particpated in many Hamilton Chess Quads this year and last month finished clear first in his quad section, someday I have to ask him to cotribute to my chess blog by submitting one of his games.

Scott has just played in three or four Hamilton Quads and has finished clear first in several.




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