Monday, December 22, 2008

George's Diamond In The Rough

This game was played by George aka " ChessPig " on ICC during the November 2008 Hamilton Quad in Round One. His opponent playing white is John B. who is the past has turned the tables on many class A players in his past tournement play.

George certainly had the upper hand in this game by virtue of having played four hundred more rated games than his opponent. John B has only played about 67 rated games and is a sporadic tournement player. John's USCF rating is 1466 and George's USCF rating is 1562.

George had a lot of help in this game from his opponent when White on move 23. moved his Knight to d2 blocking his defense of the d3 square by white's queen. Nd2 which resulted in Black knight's occupying a hole on d3. The second positional blunder followed by White moving his rook to c2 on move 24. which resulted in blsck deflecting the rook away from the defense of his knight on c3. With doubled rooks on the C file, Black snatched up the knight on c3. From that point on White was on the defensive.

At the 2008 National Chess Congress at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,George had GM Arthur Bisguier analysed his game from opening to endgame, after which GM Bisguier commented by saying " George you pick your opponents well "


Below is listed George's USCF chess record using the MSA program that extracts one's chess tournament statistics for web page

A more detailed explanation on how to use the MSA Chess Statistics Program can be found here at the MSA Download Webpage
and on my previous post dated October 14, 2008 which redirects to a more complete use of MSA by fellow blogger Castling Queenside "MSA Chess Statistics Intro"

Listed below is George's Chess Statistics dating from 1991 to 2008

This is data from 01-01-1991 to 11-25-2008

Current Official rating is 1512 Current UnOfficial rating is 1558
Best Unofficial rating = 1584 Best Official rating = 1584 Lowest rating on record = 1223
304 Opponents Total Rated Games = 459 ---> 187 Wins 88 Draws 184 Losses

Best Upset = 572 points -- SHAILESH G PATEL -- 1894 WORLD OPEN AMATEUR 07-01-1993

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