Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Queen and Pawns vs. Rook and Knight

Here is a very recent ICC standard game that I played. The time control was fifteen minutes with a three second increment for each month made. Obviously Black is much better in the endgame. My opponent resigned realizing that White has too many pawns and a Queen vs. his lone rook and knight. But if I was White playing down in the endgame, I would have played on to the biter end. Only because Black can make a mistake and perhaps lose his Queen somehow. The first chessboard game is from the actual game. The second chessboad is Endgame analysis using an online endgame database Nalimov Endgame Tables. using a maximum of six pieces which are for Black: King, Queen and A pawn and for White: King , Knight and Rook. Nalimov Endgame Tables.

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