Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Knights Mate In Amateur Game

Here is a resurrected game, that I played in May 2010 Hamilton Quads. From time to time, I do look at chess and only play online with the Internet Chess Club. I only play standard long games on the ICC online chess club under my user name " diamondback". Its been two long years since I have played over the board chess and I am contemplating stopping by Ewing Chess Club, New Jersey to play in their quads very soon. Here is the crosstable of April 2013 Quads at Ewing Chess Club and one can see many names on the Ewing crosstable that also frequent the Hamilton Chess Club Quads. One name that appears on serveral occassions at Ewing CC Quads is Atomic Patzer. Maybe Atomic Patzer will post some games or pictures of Ewing Quads on his chess blog soon. Hopefully, some of the regular heavy hitter New Jersey masters who show up religiously at Hamilton Chess Club Quads will play in the Ewing CC Quads sometime. Directions to Ewing Chess Club Quads in New Jersey.

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