Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lasker's Famous Sacrifice

Another version of same sacrifice but from You Tube

The games posted below is between Lasker and Bauer in 1889 where Lasker sacrifices two bishops for his opponents King.

The chess game between Emanuel Lasker and Johann Bauer played in Amsterdam in 1889 is one of the most famous of all time on account of Lasker's sacrifice of both bishops to blow away the pawn cover around his opponent's king and win material.

Emanuel Lasker was the longest-reigning world champion (1894-1921)

IM Malcolm Pein (London Chess Center) tells us that this sacrifice is credited to Emmanuel Lasker. "It begins with the 'Greek Bishop' sac on h7, then the follow up queen check on h5, followed by taking on g7 with the second dark squared bishop. This totally shreds the kingside and with the queen already in attendance it usually only requires the addition of one more piece, commonly a rook to force mate."


Please take note: I have emailed a request to Waldemar Moes asking for his permission and courtesy to insert a link in my chess blog for Lasker's Sacrifice Chess Video. Waldemar Moes web page is listed below.

Also here is a link to a chess video with complete analsysis by chess trainer Waldemar Moes on Lasker's Sacrifice. Waldemar Moes is a chess trainer from the Netherlands and his web page Chessdelic Com. is where his chess video of Lasker's Sacrifice can be viewed.

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